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Mini Movers

Class Focus

Get ready to start chasing your children around in our Mini Movers class. Designed for children 2.5 years – 3.5 years, the Mini Mover class will help develop specialised movements such as rolling and gymnastic shapes. They’ll also get their first taste of sport where they are introduced to basic skills such as throwing and catching. Children will also build upon their general knowledge and cognitive development, as well as learn how to interact with other children through educational and group games.

Class Expectations

When it comes to our Parent-assisted Classes, it’s important to remember that not all children are the same! While some little ones may welcome our classes, more times than not, your child will take some time to adjust and be comfortable in a new environment.

That’s why we strongly encourage you and your child to attend at least 3 classes. By doing so, you give your child enough time to get used to their new surroundings and be comfortable with our qualified instructors. In time, your little one will surely love our fun, playful and stimulating classes!

Class Rundown

  • Warm Up Activities

  • Dance & Stretching

  • Pre-Gymnastic Skills
  • Circuit

  • Educational / Sport Games

  • Parachute & Bubble time

It’s important to remember that all our Little Ones classes are for both you AND your child. We do not allow children in these classes to be dropped off. Your child will get the most out of these classes with you present and we strongly believe you’ll get a ton out of it too, including laughs, proud parent moments and a greater bond you’ll share with your child!

Our Little Ones classes are the perfect place to get your child started on a fun and exciting future! Don’t hesitate and contact our team to book a spot now!

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